Plane spotter shouts ‘come on you can do it’ as planes brave Eunice-hit Heathrow

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A Portuguese airliner aborts a landing at Heathrow Airport as Storm Eunice wreaked havoc – but there was one new hero of the storm to help us through it.

Britain's most enthusiastic plane spotter has been on hand watching flights try – and largely fail – to land at Britain's busiest airport.

In fact terrifying footage live-streamed on YouTube channel Big Jet TV shows the TAP Air Portugal swaying from side to side as the pilots tackle a difficult landing amid the strong winds.

But it had some moral support. A narrator on the popular YouTube channel can be heard cheering for the pilot as he comments: "Come on! You can do it! Hold on to it!

"Get it on the ground. This is nuts! That was a pilot-induced go around, get that gear up."

Host Jerry Dyer gave fans a football-esque commentary, shouting things like "Come and have a go, mate!" every now and then as a plane comes closer to the action.

Some aviation fans commented to praise for Jerry's lively commentary, with one saying: "This is amazing! Big Jet guy is No.2 trending on Twitter!"

Another added: "This is epic. My personal favs from Big Jet TV so far – 'EASY son, EASY!' 'Go on the Brits!' after BA flight lands '3,000 tons could fall on me nut!'

"He’s streaming live as news outlets around the world call, and he’s taking calls live!"

The flight TP1354, arriving from Lisbon, had almost made contact with the runway when it was forced to take off again and circle around before trying again.

The flight was due to land at 11.05am, but had been circling the skies before landing safely at 11.26am.

Winds at Heathrow were measured at 46mph at 10am this morning – but may now be higher as the storm sweeps across the UK, reported Sky News.

British Airways is among the airlines to have cancelled dozens of flights.

In their statement, they said: "Due to the extreme weather conditions across the UK and resulting restrictions on the number of aircraft that can take-off and land each hour, we, like other airlines, are experiencing significant disruption.

"We're operating as many flights as we can and putting on larger aircraft where possible."

The Met Office issued two red warnings over Storm Eunice – one for South Wales and South West England and the other in London and the South East.

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