‘Pit bull-type’ dog bites pensioner on nose and leaves her in ‘bloodbath’

A pensioner said she feared for her life after being attacked by a neighbour’s dog, which left her with horrific injuries.

Jacqueline McGrew, 75, only popped next door to pay for some cat litter David Gorton had bought for her, when she was leapt upon by a “pit bull-type” dog that had been roaming free in the garden.

The savage animal, which was David’s son’s dog called Kia, went for the poor women, leaving her with a broken jaw and a dislocated nose, while her scalp ripped down to the skull, the Daily Mirror reports.

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Jacqueline, who was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2012 for her community work, admitted: “I thought I was finished. I thought I’d had it. It was a bloodbath. I was covered in blood. I was a real mess.

“I could feel the dog biting my head, biting down to my skull. Then it got my nose. I was screaming with the pain. I must have tried to get the dog off me because it also bit my arm.”

Jacqueline was taken to hospital by a paramedic who lived nearby, while the dog was one of two animals seized by police.

She added: “I didn’t know the dog was out. I wouldn’t have gone into the garden if I had. I was just closing the gate when it pounced on me.

“David must have heard me screaming because he rushed out and dived on it, pinning it to the floor.”

A warning sign on the owner’s gate said “Beware of dogs”, but Jacqueline, who has been in the Royal Blackburn hospital for seven days since the attack, said: “It’s all right to have warning signs up, but the dog needs to be chained up.

“I am an animal lover, but with this dog I would have to say put it down.

“There is no way that I can think of this dog roaming around. The doctors told me it would take a year for the injuries in my head to heal.”

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Meanwhile, David – who has lived next door to Jacqueline for 33 years – said he and his family were left heartbroken following the incident.

He said: “I was upstairs and I just heard this strange noise and I thought ‘what the hell is that?’.

“It all happened so quick, I heard all the commotion and ran outside and she was on the ground. I had to shove my hands in the dog’s mouth to get her off Jacqueline.

“I’m going up to the hospital later to get a tetanus shot. We feel awful.”

Of Kia, he added: “Sonny said straight after it happened that he was going to take Kia to the vets to have her put down, but we said to wait and let the police deal with it.”

Police yesterday said the investigation is continuing.


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