People skiving off work say they’ve been ‘kidnapped by aliens’ as excuse

Skivers are giving out of world excuses for not turning up to work – with many saying they have been kidnapped by aliens.

Stunned bosses have been told by employees that they have been taken by little green men and need time off to recover.

HR bosses said they saw a huge spike in the number of people claiming they had been abducted over the last year.

Some even claimed they had been experimented on whilst others said they had been taken to another planet.

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Other employees said they couldn’t come into work because they were being terrified by ghosts at home.

But some more brazen staff told bosses they’d not come in because they felt like going ghoul hunting.

Experts Bright HR, who have a sickness tracking tool for managers, said their software showed a large spike in the number of people off work due to aliens and ghosts.

Alan Price, their CEO, said: “You hear a few out of this world excuses working in HR, but ‘ET phone in sick’ is a new one even for us!

“Believe it or not, alien abduction and ghost hunting were real excuses for absence that employers were given in 2022, as recorded by our BrightHR absence management software.

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“When things go bump in the night, chances are the kids have fallen out of bed. Something that, usually, has little impact on work. But who are you going to call when something spooky happens?

“Surely the bosses whose employees called in sick due to having “been abducted by aliens” or “seen a ghost” saw green. It may not have been just saucers that went flying in that workplace.”

"Staff absences are at their highest during the month of February.

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“Excessive and re-occurring absences interrupt the day-to-day running of a company, so monitoring absence is the first step to understanding the reason behind it. Creating records and logging the reasons behind absences can help identify trends, and flag up any areas of concern.

“My advice? Next time you’re looking to take a day off, plan-et in advance.

“And if you face a close encounter with a spooky excuse for absence, try to keep an open mind. Remember, the truth is out there.”

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