Parents shocked after Christmas toy from B&M ‘teaches kids to say s*** you lost’

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The parents of an eight-year-old boy were reportedly shocked after buying him a fighting toy for Christmas which yells: “S*** you lost.”

Hannah Holland, 30, and Michael Walsh, 36, who also have a daughter, say their kids started repeating the phrase from the Electronic Knock Out Champs game.

They told The Sun they realised what was saying in front of their son Harry and five-year-old daughter Mollie.

The couple from Hillingdon, west London, ended up having to take away the £12.99 boxing toy, which they bought from a B&M store.

This seemingly harmless game features two plastic fighters which copy the movements of players by using "intelligent movement technology".

It uses the expletive at the end of five rounds when a result is declared, according to the parents.

Hannah, a nursery worker, said: "It says it’s only suitable for ages three and over because of small parts.

"But there’s no warning of the swearing that comes with the toy."

Events co-ordinator Michael said they were horrified and the toy says the same thing each time.

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The store offered a refund to the couple and said it sounded like it did say that word, the newspaper reported.

A product description claims the technology mimics players and allows them to fight "until a knockout is achieved".

A spokesman for B&M said: “We’ve asked our supplier to look into the phrasing used in the toy.”

This gadget is not the first to shock parents after seemingly using explicit language.

Another couple previously said they were horrified after their daughter learned the phrase "f*** it" from a doll bought from Toys R Us.

Anthony Burridge and Sarah Williams said they were shocked to find out the crying baby toy sounded like it said the foul-mouthed phrase.

At the time, the company pledged to "look into the matter".

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