Paedo ‘Dangerous Dave’ had secret phones ‘for online games’ despite internet ban

A convicted paedophile who called himself 'Dangerous Dave' has been jailed for a year after secretly using an illegal mobile phone to play online games.

David Greig had been released from prison in October 2019 and was being managed as a sex offender in the community.

It was during a surprise visit a year later by police that Greig was found to have two phones he had acquired without his social worker's permission, in violation of his decade-long ban on using the internet unsupervised.

At Perth Sheriff Court, solicitor David Sinclair, defending, said Greig had been using the phone to play an online game called State of Survival, the Daily Record reports.

Greig had previously been jailed for three years after being caught using the internet to trade hours of sickening footage of child sex abuse.

He had set up a Skype account using the name ‘Dangerous Dave’ and had a six year extended sentence imposed to protect the public from him.

Greig was also banned from using the internet on his own for ten years and from owning any device which could be used to access the internet.

He was also banned from being alone with any child under the age of 16 as a condition of the ten-year long Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Sheriff Gillian Wade said: "The offence is a breach of a court order and it's important you comply with any order to which you have been made subject. You knew that as you have been subject to it for quite some time.”

The court was told that Greig was already on the Sex Offenders Register when he contacted other paedophiles on Skype to swap graphic images of child abuse. Some of the children in the footage were just a year old.

He hid behind the sick nickname Dangerous Dave to trade hours of video footage of children, some of which depicted infants being attacked.

More than four hours of video footage showing children of all ages being brutalised were recovered from a memory stick and computer owned by Greig.

Much of the material showed young boys being horrifically abused and a large quantity was assessed by investigators as being at the very highest levels of classification.

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Police officers discovered that Greig had been distributing large numbers of the indecent images over the internet.

During the same period he was also found to have received indecent images from other perverts, whom he communicated with through Skype.

Greig was already well-known to the authorities after serving a three year sentence in connection with lewd and libidinous behaviour imposed in 1998.

He was still subject to the Sex Offenders Register when his new offences came to light by chance.

Police officers spoke with him on October 11 last year about an unrelated matter and discovered a USB stick in his pocket which he admitted indecent videos and images of children.

During a search of his Perth home, officers discover further indecent material on the computer in his bedroom.

Greig admitted possessing indecent images of children over a 12-month period between October 2012 and October 2013. He was placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

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