‘Out of touch Macron!’ President blasted as France sees surge of anti-EU sentiment

Macron 'not capable' of leading EU says expert

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This comes as the French President forges ahead with France’s turn at the six-month rotating presidency of the European Council this year. However, an Ifop-EuropaNova poll released on Christmas Day showed that nearly six in ten of those polled in France wanted an end to their membership in the European Union.

Out of the over 1,000 people asked, four in ten called for greater French sovereignty within a bloc of joined nations.

Less than three in ten would praise a more integrated bloc.

The news brought condemnation from Express.co.uk readers, who denounced the French President for being removed from those whose interests and wants he serves as leader.

One reader, ‘narla’, asked: “How can you have a President of a country who doesn’t even recognise his own country?”

Another, with the screenname Leeds12345, wrote: “It was only a few years ago that polls like this were overwhelmingly pro-EU, we are talking 80%+ in support of the EU.

“We are now seeing a near-complete reversal.”

Another, SanjitP, commented: “Macron may be ready for full integration of France into the EU, and willingly give up the Tricolour.

“But the French people appear to have other ideas and ambitions for their nation.

“Frexit is only a matter of time.”

Picking up on a similar line, commenter ‘Codfellow’ wrote: “Out of touch Macron?

“The majority of French citizens don’t want the EU.

“So he projects the hated blue with yellow stars flag on the Arc de Triomphe.”

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Mr Macron, in a nod to the French rotating presidency, swapped a tricolour flag hanging over a war memorial in the Arc de Triomphe in Paris for a flag adorned with the EU emblem.

It was a decision met with immediate condemnation from long-time political and presidential rival, Marine Le Pen, who called on the French President to “take down” the EU flag.

Ms Le Pen said: “To adorn the Arc de Triomphe with the sole colours of the European Union, without the presence of a national flag, is a real attack on our nation’s identity.

“This monument honours our military victories and houses the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.”

She added the French leader was “betraying the duties of his office and displaying arrogant contempt for our history for the sake of personal ambition”.

Under Mr Macron’s leadership, France has been one of the most invested voices in the European Union and has pushed further integration of the member states.

French Junior European Affairs Minister, Clement Beaune, attempted to dispel the controversy surrounding the display in a post on social media.

He wrote: “The French flag has not been replaced.

“The election campaign is not a free pass for petty lies and controversies.”

The presidential elections are fast approaching in April, soon followed by the parliamentary elections in June.

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