Ontario could be in for a bomb cyclone on Easter Monday: Farnell

A nasty storm system is expected to arrive in Ontario toward the end of the holiday weekend that could bring a bomb cyclone to the area, according to Global News chief meteorologist Anthony Farnell.

On Friday, he said alarm bells for the system have sounded early south of the border.

“As the storm deepens on Sunday, only light rain is expected across southern Ontario but a major Easter Sunday severe weather outbreak including numerous strong and long-lasting tornadoes are likely across the southeast U.S.,” Farnell said. “It is very rare for the Storm Prediction Centre to issue a moderate risk on a three-day outlook.”

The meteorologist says that as the system builds, Ontario could be in for a bomb cyclone.

“This system will deepen very rapidly and potentially become a bomb cyclone as it moves towards central Ontario,” he said. “A bomb cyclone is defined as an area of low pressure that deepens at least 24 millibars in 24 hours.”

Farnell does not expect Ontario to see tornadoes in connection with the storm but it will bring heavy winds to the area.

“I’m forecasting gusts over 100 km/h on Monday near the shore of Lake Erie and Ontario as well as the St. Lawrence Valley,” he explained. “Elsewhere 90 km/h gusts will still be strong enough to cause widespread power outages.”

Farnell cautioned that Ontario could also see flooding with rainfalls measuring between 20 and 50 millimetres.

“This could be enough to cause minor flooding but the biggest threat will be the winds,” Farnell said.

He says things will begin to return to normal on Tuesday.

“Conditions will quickly improve on Tuesday as the storm moves away and colder air filters in.”

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