OnlyFans star Elle Brooke shares ‘biggest mistake she has ever made’ to fans

OnlyFans favourite Elle Brooke has revealed the biggest mistake she has ever made in a frank admission to her fans.

Speaking on one of her regular "Ask me a question" features on Instagram, the model gave her fans the answers to all their questions, while appearing to nonchalantly push a trolley around a supermarket.

Although the caption on the screen said "best mistake you ever made" the stunner, who has legions of followers across social media channels, went ahead and shared her biggest mistake.

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"The biggest mistake I have ever made is probably not starting boxing sooner," she said.

"I'm like 24, and, if I started sooner I'd be sick.

"That's the only mistake I've really made.

"Everything else, mmm (shrugs) is what it is."

Last month the blonde boxing babe and influencer cast doubt over the future of her OnlyFans career as the knockout star revealed she " enjoys boxing more ".

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She made the shock revelation while speaking to Boxing King Media about influencer boxing ringside after finishing a post-holiday sparring session

When asked about what her ultimate dream with the "whole boxing circle" was, Elle said her goal was for boxing to "overtake" her OnlyFans career.

She said: "I think given the chance, if this could overtake OF then I guess that would be the goal."


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