OnlyFans star accuses zoo of ‘kidnapping’ in protest after beloved elephant dies

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A notorious animal rights activist known for raising funds through OnlyFans has stormed a zoo and accused them of “kidnapping” an elephant after it died in captivity.

Vegan protester Tash Peterson, whose previous stunts included her racing into designer stores covered in period blood and bringing a dead lamb into a supermarket, took to Perth Zoo for her protest.

The animal sanctuary recently announced the death of one of its eldest elephants Tricia, who was much-loved throughout Australia since her arrival in 1963 from Vietnam.

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Controversial Tash screamed at visitors through a megaphone: “In memory of Tricia, I am here to bring light to the remaining imprisoned victims in Perth Zoo and other zoos across the world.

“I am here to tell you her story and let you know that animals in zoos are suffering immensely.

“She was kidnapped from her family in Vietnam at the age of six, and was transported into Perth Zoo Prison.

“Put yourself in her and her family's position. It's unimaginable as to how traumatising that experience would have been.”

The OnlyFans star, who is known as Vegan Booty, has almost 10,000 followers on the adult site and says she strips off in the name of animal rights.

She reportedly earns a whopping £40,000 a month to put towards her protests.

Although she does have fans who support her eccentric antics, Tash is no stranger to criticism and sparked outrage whenshe accused bemused diners at a seafood restaurant of playing a part in a "fish holocaust".

During her zoo protest the activist went on to shout: “Putting animals in zoos is cruel, barbaric and outdated.

“Babies will often be bred even when there isn't enough room to keep them, inevitably resulting in a 'surplus' of animals in zoos.

“Something that zoos regularly do behind closed doors, is murder animals when there is a surplus of numbers.”

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But zoo boss Mark McGowan instead focused on Tricia’s life before she died and in an emotional statement gushed: “Western Australia farewells an icon… for many families, including my own, Tricia was a household name.

“Her stature and her grace were compelling.

“I would like to acknowledge and thank all of the staff at Perth Zoo who have been humanely caring for Tricia for so many years, and who ensured she was as comfortable as possible in her final moments.”


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