One of UK’s worst rat-infested fly-tipping blackspots could be seen from space

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One of Britain's worst fly-tipping blackspots in Newport, South Wales grew so large that it could be seen from space.

The dumping ground, known as "the road to nowhere", became notorious for illegal dumpers, so much so that Google satellites could see it.

The road was originally built as a link from the busy M4 to a giant hi-tech factory at the Imperial Park estate in the late 1990s but was never opened.

It wasn't long before fly-tippers began taking advantage of the disused road as they began to dump huge piles of tyres as well as domestic, industrial and building waste is now strewn along the strip of land.

Nearby resident Brian Miles said rubbish has been accumulating and attracting vermin since it was built about 20 years ago – and is only just being cleaned up now.

The 60-year-old said: "The only time I have ever seen it used is when the BBC filmed episodes of Doctor Who.

"It's horrendous. There are thousands upon thousands of tonnes of waste down there and it just grows. Nothing ever gets taken away."

Finally, Newport Council has begun to step in and awarded a contract to GD Environmental to clear away the vast quantities of waste, starting this month.

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Tyres and hazardous materials will be prioritised before another waste is removed.

The waste will be taken away for sorting to determine how much can be recycled.

CCTV and other 'enhanced' security measures will remain in place at the site once it has been cleared.

A local group called Friends of the Road to Nature is working on plans to further improve the area once the clearance has been completed.

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Deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for city services, Cllr Roger Jeavons said: "I'm pleased to announce to clear this site will start very soon.

"We share their frustration at seeing criminals illegally dump waste on our streets. This action reaffirms our commitment to keeping our streets clean.

"Along with our recent work to identify and prosecute fly-tippers, it shows that we will not tolerate these acts in our city. We also want the community to reclaim this space once it has been cleared.

"To that end, I'm delighted that the Friends of the Road to Nature group has already adopted the space."

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