Nudist summer skinny dip event at lido leaves local men blaming the cold water

An annual charity skinny dip sparked a social media debate among locals with many quick to blame the cold water for the size of their manhood.

The Great British Skinny Dip took place at Peterborough's outdoor lido this weekend.

But while many gathered to enjoy the "exhiliaration of swimming naked," others preferred to get their excuses in first.

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On a thread on Peterborough Telegraph's Facebook page, one man joked: "As long as everyone knows upfront that it's only that size because of the cold water."

Another commented: "Two inches at best."

One man said: "Fortunately it wasn't too cold."

Another wrote: "Looking forward to it, having my back, sack and crack waxed this afternoon…few beers and I'll be down."

The event sees thousands of people across the UK daring to bare to raise cash for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) as part of a campaign by British Naturism to promote greater understanding of naturism and social nudity, encourage acceptance and to improve body confidence and wellbeing.

Rick Stacey, British Naturism's Eastern region organiser said: "It's the most amazing feeling, so relaxing and you don’t have any swimwear to dry. So why not give it a try in a friendly and welcoming environment?”

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Andrew Welch, national spokesman for British Naturism, said: “Taboos around nudity are eroding and the health and well-being benefits of going naked are more widely understood, with more and more people wanting to shrug off convention and the rigours of daily life and experience it for themselves.

"Swimming without a costume is one of the most exhilarating things you can do and we want encourage everyone to come and give it a go and raise much-needed funds for our charity partner, British Heart Foundation.”

Participation in naturism is on the rise, so says British Naturism, who has reported a significant increase in newcomers since the 2020 lockdown.

An Ipsos poll commissioned by British Naturism in 2022, revealed that “almost seven million Brits” describe themselves as naturists or nudists.”

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