Nuclear war fears: Russia and China stockpiling advanced weapons, Pentagon warns

Vladimir Putin discusses possibility of third world war

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According to a new report by the Pentagon, Russia and China are the most serious threat to the US because of the technology and weapons arsenal the countries already possess. The report specifically mentions Russia, China, North Korea and Iran as threats.

North Korea is also said to have accelerated testing of missiles capable of reaching the US.

Iran is also believed to have the technology to create a nuclear weapon within a year.

According to the Daily Mail, the US has tried to negotiate reductions in nuclear weapons since 2010 but it has been unsuccessful.

The report added: “Rather, they have moved decidedly in the opposite direction.”

The Pentagon report continued: “As a result, there is an increased potential for regional conflicts involving nuclear-armed adversaries in several parts of the world and the potential for adversary nuclear escalation in crisis or conflict.”

Despite naming North Korea and Iran as threats, the most serious concern for Washington is Russia and China.

This is due to the technology and weapons they already possess.

In 2019, Russia and the US withdrew from their 1987 treaty which required the US and Soviet Union to get rid of its nuclear and conventional ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges of 500 to 5,500km.

The two counties extended the New Strategic Arms Treaty for five years in 2021.

This agreement enhances the US national security and puts verifiable limits on all Russian deployed intercontinental-range nuclear weapons.

China is also reported to have increased its number of nuclear weapons including its “most advanced” submarine-launched missiles.

Kim Jong-un’s secretive nation has also “accelerated” its pursuit of nuclear weapons and has increased its missile flight testing.

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These include testing of intercontinental-range missiles capable of reaching the US homeland, according to the Pentagon’s report.

It said: “North Korea’s continued pursuit of nuclear weapons capabilities poses the most immediate and dire proliferation threat to international security and stability.”

Iran also has the capacity to develop a nuclear weapon within a year of when it decides to do so, the report claimed.

The 2020 report said the US’s nuclear weapons program is a deterrent and only to be used in “extreme circumstances” to defend the country or its allies.

In a 2019 report, the Pentagon said using nuclear weapons could create conditions for decisive results and restore strategic stability.

The update version said: “Flexible and limited US nuclear response options can play an important role in restoring deterrence following limited adversary nuclear escalation.

“Limited nuclear use will create conditions that affect how commanders conduct operations.”

Back in February, a terrifying report on North Korean sanctions by a UN Security Council committee was leaked and stated Supreme leader Kim Jong-un’s regime and Tehran are working together to develop long-range ballistic missiles.

Professor Sung-Yoon Lee, a leading North Korean expert at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, said: “North Korea is a serial proliferator.

“This is a long and very close partnership between North Korea and Iran.

“We know that North Korea and Iran are united in common factors or ideological hostility toward the United States.”

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