‘Nazi spotter’ hitman says it fells ‘nice’ slaying Russians invading homeland

A young Ukrainian soldier who had never killed before he started defending his country against Vladimir Putin's "special military operation" has revealed how he felt when taking an enemy's life.

The sharp shooter, who wishes to remain anonymous, joined the Army last year as a medic but was soon forced to pick up a rifle.

He told the Daily Star he was in Bakhmut but has since returned home. He added that he is preparing to return to the city in the east of Ukraine, where Russia is stepping up its offensive.

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Describing the hell of Bakhmut, he said: "I've been on the frontline, just 50 metres from the Russians. We saw them at the same time as they saw us."

Describing how it felt to kill the men he stared down the barrel at, the young man said it was "hard but nice".

"I was a spotter for Nazis. I killed seven. It's hard but nice, because they are not 'someone', just the s**t we need to remove from our homeland," he said.

Kyiv said Ukrainian defenders are facing increasing pressure from Russian shelling, air strikes and infantry assaults on the Bakhmut frontline.

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"Russia is concentrating its main efforts on conducting offensive operations on Bakhmut, Avdiyivka and Maryinka where Ukrainian forces repelled 39 Russian attacks over the last 24 hours," the General Staff said in its daily report.

"Fierce battles continue in Bakhmut and Maryinka," the military said.

Russian troops have launched three missile strikes, 13 air strikes and 49 rocket salvoes at Ukrainian positions and civilian infrastructure, it added.

But the young soldier says he has "zero feeling" and is focussed on the job at hand.

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