‘Naughty’ Amazon delivery driver caught stealing parcels from bloke’s garden

This is the shocking moment a cheeky Amazon delivery driver was caught on camera nicking a package from a bloke's garden.

Lewis Romane, 50, from Selston, Nottinghamshire, filmed the driver walking off with his £90 bottle of aftershave after dropping off two other parcels. The sales director had bought the aftershave as a Christmas gift for his husband.

He described the incident, which happened around 4pm on Saturday (December 9) as "unbelievable". Chatting about the video, Lewis said: "The Amazon guy comes to the front door, I left a note saying the safe space was the garden shed.

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"He opens the gate, which pushes the box, and you can see him looking around. He puts his parcels on top of the logs and looks down at what the other delivery driver has left, picks it up and walks out the gate."

He complained to Amazon about the driver's antics and the online retailed quickly issued a refund, Nottinghamshire Live reports. However, Lewis claims he is still "paranoid" about ordering online in the future because of the "naughty" driver.

"It's not about the money, it's the fact that someone has stolen something that you have worked hard for," he said. "He's got a trusted job delivering expensive items. I'm now paranoid about every delivery we get, it gives me anxiety about ordering online. I can't understand how he thought he wasn't going to be caught."

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Amazon has since confirmed they are looking into the incident. A spokesperson for Amazon said: "We have very high standards for the delivery service providers we work with and how they serve customers. We are investigating."

It comes after a mum was left shocked when a thief stole her daughter's scooter and Christmas presents from her doorstep like a real-life Grinch. Jenny Collins, a mother-of-two from Granton, Edinburgh, discovered that a man had snooked into their stairwell to snatch the pink scooter and parcels from outside her home on West Granton Road (Dec 9).

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