Naked dog walker turning into ‘tourist attraction’ for park despite critics

A naked dog walker who regularly frequents a park in Nottingham is getting a reputation as a "tourist attraction".

The middle-aged man has been sighted on numerous occasions by bemused visitors to Colwick Woods strolling around the nature reserve with his dog while wearing no clothes.

The man, who was recently filmed walking at the park next to some trees with his pooch, has divided opinion among the local community.

While some people are amused by the situation and think the man is harmless, others have been disturbed by his behaviour and are particularly concerned about his effect on children in the area.

Some say he is turning into a tourist attraction for the park while others believe he's "putting people off coming to the area".

Rowan Hall, 27, who walks her dog in the area, told Nottinghamshire Live that she isn't bothered by it.

She said: “He just walks around – he walks his dog. I’ve seen him a couple of times. It doesn’t really bother me but there's just a lot of kids. He’s like a tourist attraction, everyone that sees him films him.”

Wendy Murdock, 57, said the man has been going on his naked walks for a long time and that he used to just go out very early in the morning when hardly anyone would see him.

But she's becoming concerned that he's now going out far more often and much later in the day when lots of children are around.

She said: “He has started going out at all times. He just seems to get more and more brazen with it.

"I’m not a prude; it's a nature reserve not a naturist reserve. I confronted him once and I haven’t since, I don't want an argument, it all just seems to be his rights and what he wants – not taking into account other people, it doesn’t seem fair.

"He does seem to be around at 4 o'clock, there’s lots of children about. It’s just not right for me. It just seems wrong.”

Wendy's husband, Lez Murdock, 56, said he thinks it is putting people off coming to the area.

He explained: “It’s quite bad, now he walks up to where the park is, the kiddie park and comes all the way around."

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"It’s stopping kids from coming out. He will come out in the afternoon when the kids come out from school, you’ve got children at the park.

"He has started to bring a dog, I think he got it this year. It’s not nice – I think it’s wrong.”

Sean Joseph, 26, said he had seen the man before, around this time last year.

He said: "I thought I was seeing things at first and thought he must have like some creamy shorts on, when you first glance at someone.

"Then I thought no he is actually naked, he is actually full on naked walking around the woods. Then I didn’t see him again until recently and thought I would record it, I just didn’t know what was going off.

“It’s just not appropriate with kids around and stuff like that. It’s right next the school, obviously there’s a park there and people take their dogs with the kids and stuff, It’s not right is it?

"I don’t know what he is up to it’s just weird. It’s uneasy because kids and stuff like that it’s just not right. It’s not something you want around your area also.”

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