Mystery as super bright ‘fireball’ blazes across sky after nearby ‘UFO’ reports

A super bright 'fireball' that blazed across the skies over parts of the US has caused mystery with dozens of reports from concerned locals just weeks after a 'UFO' and 'aliens' were spotted nearby.

The American Meteor society shared accounts of the mysterious object that blasted across parts of Arizona, California and Nevada.

Fireballs, also known as bolides, are defined by NASA as “exceptionally bright meteors that are spectacular enough to be seen over a very wide area.”

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The Los Angeles Times reported that the objects causing fireballs usually aren’t big enough to pass intact through the Earth’s atmosphere, but witnesses claim this one actually did.

In a video captured over San Diego, the footage captures the extraordinarily clear moment the alleged shooting star flies for a second or two before appearing to cause a slight explosion and disappearing.

The fireball happened on June 23, according to the American Meteor Society (AMS). It streaked across the early morning skies at 5:39 am ET.

There were just 18 reports from three states about the event, named 3153-2023.

A bus driver in San Diego reportedly stopped his vehicle when he saw the the "beautiful brilliant" event.

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Some people also reported hearing a "whoosh" or a "loud pop, then a boom," according to the Sacramento Bee.

It comes after a family in Las Vegas claimed they saw '8-foot tall aliens in their back garden.'

On April 30, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer's camera picked up a bright green object falling from the sky at around 11:50pm.

But the incident became even more eerie when just 40 minutes later a nearby resident made a chilling 911 call to report two huge unknown entities in his back garden.

The terrified man, who reportedly lives just 80 miles outside the infamous Area 51, described the beings as "100% not human", 8 News Now reports.

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