Mum who threatened to blow up school and drove car at toddler spared jail

A mum who threatened to blow a school up and drove towards a toddler with a “massive grin” on her face has avoided jail.

Charlotte Wallace warned there would be a “mass number of bodies” for parents to collect in a threatening email sent to a Bolton councillor.

It is claimed she sent the disturbing messages in a “desperate effort to be heard” as she was having difficulties seeing her children.

Bolton Crown Court heard how the 29-year-old reached out to the councillor on December 5 last year expressing concerns over a local school.

After exchanging a few emails, the councillor wished to meet to discuss the matter further, Manchester Evening News reports.

But two days later on December 7, Wallace sent another email, warning if she did not get her children back, there would be a “mass number of parents collecting bodies” from the school.

Wallace, who previously lived in Bolton but now resides in Dundee, added: “I will blow the school up. Try me.”

The court was told Wallace was driving a Mini-Cooper when she “ploughed into” a neighbour and three children “aiming for the two-year-old" just before 8.30pm on January 25.

Mr Ronan said: “She rammed the pram to the right to get the child out the way. The car was centimetres away from the child at the time they were moved.”

“She had a massive grin on her face as she was doing this”.

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Neil Ronan, prosecuting, said the councillor raised the alarm to authorities and Wallace was contacted by police.

Claire Brocklebank, in mitigation has said: “It was a scare, not to hurt anyone."

Judge Timothy Stead said: “You are 29-years-old. It cannot be said you have a long or relevant record.

“You sent disturbing emails to a local councillor when you were feeling very distressed about your difficulties in having contact with your children.

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“Threats to blow the school up, while you did not literally intend to, are still very frightening. You admitted to that.

“Part of your ongoing dispute caused you to drive a vehicle towards a group of people, including children.

“The two-year-old was in a pram. These are significant offences that the court regards as serious.

“In this report it is said that you are someone who cannot regulate your emotions.

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“I think that's it. That's part of your problem. For the sake of your family as well as yourself.

“This is your last chance to make a fresh start.”

Charlotte Wallace was sentenced to 10-months imprisonment, suspended for two years.

She was also handed a two-year restraining order against three people, including the councillor she emailed.

She was also subject to supervision for two years.

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