Mum ‘screamed in horror’ as one-year-old son killed falling seven floors

Neighbours living in a block of flats in Leeds said they heard a woman 'screaming in horror' as her one-year-old son plunged to his death from a seventh floor window.

The man, who did not want to be named, said he ran downstairs and saw the tragic youngster’s body on a patch of grass at the bottom of the building.

It is believed the toddler lived in the flat with his mum – reportedly from Eritrea in East Africa – and his older brother and sister.

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The neighbour, who lived in a nearby flat, said: "She’s a good mum, and a very nice person.

"I don’t know exactly what happened, but I heard her screaming and I followed her down the stairs. I saw the body.

"He was such a happy, fast baby. He was walking everywhere. If he saw you, he would run up to you and give you a hug.

"I’m very sad."

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The ten-story tower block is part of a 1959-built estate, and residents said it houses local tenants and some asylum seekers.

It's thought the mum, said to be a British citizen who has lived in the address for around 10 years, has yet to return home since the incident.

A police cordon around the flat, in place since the weekend, has now been lifted while officers continue their investigations inside the building.

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