Mum felt sickening pop as ‘huge parasite slithered from beneath her eyelid’

A mum has relived the horror of feeling a sickening popping sensation while a "parasite" slithered from her eyelid.

Louise Edwards, from Liverpool, says she felt like she was in an alien movie as the "parasite with legs" emerged from her eye.

The 34-year-old woke up on July 22 to find what looked like a spot on her right eye and, initially thought she had been bitten by some sort of bug.

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Throughout the rest of the day, she noticed the spot was getting bigger, to the point where the swelling was causing her eye to close.

The following day she went to St Paul's Eye Hospital in Royal Liverpool Hospital to get it checked over.

"I was in my house, I hadn't really been anywhere recently," she said.

"I was in Turkey around a month before, and at the caravan a week before, but nothing came up in the days after.

"I sleep with the windows open so maybe something got in, then as I woke up and had this thing, like a pimple.

"They (St Paul's) tried to squeeze it and gave me antibiotics and sent me home. The next day I couldn't even see because my eye had closed over.

"I have really bad eyesight and the eye with the spot was my good eye.

"I couldn't see a thing so went back."

Louise explained how it was the "worst pain she had ever felt" and she could feel the pain in her teeth, head, and eyes, but was told her to keep up with the antibiotics.

She said she followed a neighbour's advice, who suggested she used boiling water to draw whatever it was to the top.

"I felt this popping sensation and as I squeezed it this thing started coming out," she said.

"I shouted my dad to come and have a look and he said it was some sort of parasite with legs."

Louise went straight back to St Paul's Eye Hospital with the "parasite", once she arrived she showed nurses a picture.

Louise added: "One of the nurses laughed and said it looked like something out of an alien movie.

"I felt like I was in an alien movie."

Louise now has an appointment booked in with her GP and hopes to find out more about what it was that came out of her eyelid.

After sharing images on Facebook, a number of people said it could be a botfly.

She said: "I took it to the School of Tropical Medicine but they said you have to be referred.

"I just want to know what it is and warn people."


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