Mum dies after eating ‘poisoned chocolates’ gifted by mysterious sender

A Brazilian mum died after eating chocolate she was seemingly gifted by a mysterious sender on her birthday, sparking fears among her family she may have been poisoned. Police in Rio de Janeiro have launched a probe into the sudden death of 54-year-old Lindaci Viegas Batista de Carvalho.

Officers are investigating whether the chocolates she was sent on Saturday alongside a bouquet of flowers were poisoned.

Following the death of her beloved sister, Lenice Batista claimed an expert from a forensic body in Brazil, the Instituto Medico-Legal, had indicated that rat poison was present in the victim’s body.

Further analysis of the chocolates is expected to be complete within 30 days. No arrests have yet been made.

In the run-up to her death, the woman had been threatened on social media, her family claimed.

The 54-year-old received a call last Saturday informing her she would receive a delivery, the Daily Star reported.

This unexpected present sparked the suspicion of the mother, who asked for the package to be left at her boyfriend’s store rather than being delivered directly to her.

After picking up the package, Ms Carvalho brought the confectionary with her to a beauty salon, but refused to eat the chocolate until finding out who had sent it to her.

Her ex-husband, with whom she had a good relationship, claimed to have been the one sending her the presents, so the mum felt confident enough to eat some.

Her sister recalled how Ms Carvalho started feeling sick shortly afterwards.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and her arms started convulsing, Ms Batista said.

The mum was pronounced dead when she arrived at hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

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Ms Carvalho’s son had also tried the chocolate but spat it out because of the strange taste and was not unwell.

Following her death, Ms Carvalho’s ex-husband claimed to have been joking when he said to have sent the gift.

Ms Batista said she does not consider him a suspect given the positive relationship they shared.

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