Mum and stepdad who beat boy to death after making him live in dog cage jailed

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    Carla Scott and Dirk Howell, the sick mum and partner found guilty of killing her nine-year old son by beating him and holding him underwater in a bathtub, have been sentenced to several years in prison.

    Dirk Howell has been given a life sentence, with a minimum of 32 years, while Carla Scott was given sentences totalling 27 years.

    Alfie Steele was beaten and held underwater in the bathtub in his home in Droitwich, Worcestershire, that he shared with his mum, Carla Scott and her fiancé, Dirk Howell, prior to his death in February 2021.

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    Disturbing footage played for jurors at Coventry Crown Court this week showed that on the day of Alfie's death (February 18 2021), his mum told police officers at her house that the young boy had "banged his dead."

    On top of this, jurors were also played the 999 call Carla made hours prior, in which she claimed her son had "fallen asleep" and drowned in the bath.

    She was heard ending the phone call by saying: "I will do, I love you too" and makes a kissing sound down the phone.

    More bodycam footage revealed that Archie's body was found in a "dark, dirty and dishevelled bedroom" when emergency services came.

    Carla, who was standing in the doorway as cops and paramedics were at the scene, was spotted making a phone call to Dirk, telling him: "He's gone up to hospital, they won't let me go up there yet.

    "There's loads of police, they've got detectives and everything."

    She was heard ending the phone call by saying: "I will do, I love you too" and makes a kissing sound down the phone.

    The jury heard that the sick pair concocted a twisted scheme that saw them repeatedly assault the boy and force him into cold baths in an attempt to "correct him."

    Both denied charges of murder, manslaughter and causing or allowing Alfie's death, though his mum, 35, also denied child cruelty offences, but were found guilty on Monday.

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