Much worse than we thought! Biden in danger as poll shows Americans to ‘take up arms soon’

Biden in danger as poll shows Americans to ‘take up arms/

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A stunning US poll reveals almost a third of Americans agree it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against their government. The poll, conducted for the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, also shows 45 percent of those who describe themselves as strong Republicans feel that way, 35 percent of independents do. And 21 percent of strong Democrats say yes, it may be necessary soon to take up arms against their Government.

When asked where those results come from, Republican pollster Neil Newhouse who worked on that poll said: “I mean, those are stunning results. I mean, they really are. When Joel and I embarked on this and we put together the questionnaire, we knew that the look of the country was not positive.

“But it is so much worse than we thought it was. And so, you look at that question: taking up arms against the government. You know, it’s 45 percent of strong Republicans but John, it’s 33 percent of NPR listeners, 26 percent of very liberals, 37 percent of those with guns in their households. It really demonstrates the really extraordinary polarisation in the country right.

“And there’s a pandemic of mistrust between Americans and their government and their media.”

The poll also finds 66 percent of Republicans agree the Government is corrupt and rigged against them, while 46 percent of Democrats do.

On the question of whether they generally trust the elections to be conducted fairly and the results accurately counted, close to four in ten Americans disagree, with 62 percent of Republicans and 19 percent of Democrats disagreeing.

Turning to former President Barack Obama’s pollster Joel Benenson, CNN’s news anchor John King asked about the next set of questions asked in the polls.

“These findings seem to tell me people think the government is out to get them,” Mr King noted before asking: “Disaffection, disillusionment, what’s the word for it? And how do you fix it?”

Mr Benenson said: “Well, look, I think it has to do with partisanship and the media they consume. You know, if you look beyond some of those top-line numbers and consider the fact that, you know, since the year 2000, Republicans have held the White House for 12 years with Bush eight years and Trump four years, Democrats so far only ten since the beginning of this century.”

Mr Benenson continued: “What are they watching and hearing that make them think that elections aren’t free and fair? You know, we’ve had Republicans control the Senate a significant number of times since 2000. And they are winning elections.

“So, I really don’t understand how this can be anything other than misinformation and disinformation coming from the media that they consume most assiduously, which tends to be Fox News and some other websites that tilt very strongly to appeal to conservative voters.

“And when you look at ideology on the people who say the government is rigged against them, it’s not only highest among Conservatives – 66 percent – but when you look inside the data a bit, you’re going to see it’s very high among white men.

“The group that most sociologists and analysts would say the people who benefit the most in society but for some reason, white male conservatives feel very aggrieved”, Mr Benenson noted.

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Republican pollster Mr Newhouse pointed out everyone across the board is experiencing the same resentment towards the government.

“This is sobering data,” he said.

The poll comes as Joe Biden’s approval rating is at an all-time low at 38.4 percent, according to poll aggregator RealClearPolitics. His falling approval ratings are bound to deal a hammer blow to his Democratic party in the upcoming midterm elections scheduled in November.

According to polls aggregator FiveThirtyEight, Democrats will lose control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, with Republicans taking over 87 seats in the House and 53 seats in Senate.

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