Motorist hurt in Waikato Expressway incident with gang convoy on motorbikes

A motorist has been seriously hurt along the Waikato Expressway in an incident involving a convoy of gang members on motorbikes.

An eyewitness told the Herald that just south of Rangiriri, they saw a ute driving north towards Auckland along the expressway trailed by what looked like gang members on motorbikes.

“I saw a [ute] and probably 60 or 70 motorbikes behind them; it looked like they were on a patrol,” the witness said.

“I think the [ute] tried to pull over and he ran one of the head followers into the grass inside the motorway.

“Then he pulled over and opened up his door, and I saw three or four of the front people get off their motorbikes and walk over to the ute.”

The witness said he didn’t see what happened next as he was in a moving car that passed out of the area.

However, a source told the Herald the gang was the Tribesmen.

The source said one of the riders was clipped by the vehicle, but when its occupants stopped to check on the rider they were attacked.

It is understood the Tribesmen were returning to Auckland from Taupō where they had been meeting with other members from across the country.

The eyewitness said it hadn’t looked like the ute intentionally cut off the riders, but had rather been trying to let them pass.

Another eyewitness told the Herald they saw medics working on a person on the side of State Highway 1.

The person said a ute at the scene appeared to have its back window smashed.

“Police were called about 4.45pm to the Waikato Expressway, south of Rangiriri, following a report of a disorder incident involving several people and vehicles,” a police spokeswoman said.

The expressway is now closed northbound between the Ohinewai onramp and Glen Murray.

“Motorists should avoid the area, if possible,” police said.

A motorist travelling south on the expressway posted a video that showed long lines of slow-moving northbound vehicles.


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