‘More troops in Spain!’ Congressman blasts Biden’s ‘dangerous’ fleeing of Afghanistan

Afghanistan: President Biden says there are no parallels with Vietnam

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Since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan’s capital in Kabul over the weekend, the capital’s airport has been the scene of chaos as desperate Afghan civilians try to secure safe passage out of the country.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace began to break down during an interview with LBC on Monday as he admitted “some people won’t get back” from Afghanistan.

At least seven people have died trying to escape one day after the government’s quick collapse.

Speaking on BBC Newsnight, Steve Chabot, Represenative for Ohio’s 1st congressional district, disagreed with the statement that the hardline taken by President Biden might prove popular with Americans who are fed up with “forever wars”.

He said: “They might have been supportive until they saw the debacle, the tragedy unfold before their very eyes.”

“I don’t think anyone in their right mind can say this is the way you pull out of a country; this is the way you do it.”

“As far as forever wars – we’ve been in Germany, Japan, and South Korea for a long time.

“We have more troops in Spain right now than we do in Afghanistan.”

President Biden began to remove US troops from Afghanistan last month but on Sunday, the Taliban finished taking over the whole country.

The Republican representative continued: “We were talking about a small number [of troops] to essentially, stabilise that country to keep us safe at home.

“The concern now is the Taliban is in charge and groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are going to have free reign in the region, to hit us at home in the United States and our European allies as well. This is a tragedy for peace-loving people across the world.”

“Planes, drones, tanks and equipment and all kinds of weaponry are now in the hands of the worst of the worst.

“This is a sad time for the world, it should have been avoided.”


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President Biden defended America’s decision to pull out of the war-torn country after 20 years in an address to the nation – claiming the US has accomplished its mission of defeating Al Qaeda.

He said: “We severely degraded Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

“Our mission in Afghanistan was never supposed to be nation-building.”

He tweeted: “I know my decision on Afghanistan will be criticized. But I would rather take all that criticism than pass their responsibility on to yet another president.”

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