Moose attacks and injures New Mexico man in Winter Park.

A 62-year-old New Mexico man was attacked and injured by a bull moose Wednesday morning while running with his two dogs on a trail in Winter Park.

The victim was taken to a hospital, treated for minor injuries and released, according to  Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The dogs, who were off leash at the time of the 7:30 a.m. incident on Sundog Tail, were not harmed.

“The dogs were 40 to 50 feet in front of him and came running back toward him,” said Serena Rocksund, a district wildlife manager, in a news release. “He stopped and saw the moose at 50 feet. At that point, the dogs ran past him and left the scene.”

The man told wildlife officials that he took a couple of steps toward the moose, to get a better look, and the animal charged him.

“He’s very lucky that his only injury is a hoof print-shaped laceration on the back of his head,” Rocksund said.

Wildlife officers could not find the moose in the area.

“This is a good reminder for folks to keep their dogs on leash and give moose plenty of space when recreating outdoors,” Rocksund said. “It’s hard to see around these corners with the thick vegetation on these trails, so having a dog on a short leash here is key.”

On Aug. 13, a 79-year-old woman was severely injured in a moose attack near Glenwood Springs while she was walking a dog on a leash. There have been other moose attacks this year as well.

In March 2006, a Grand Lake man walking to church was attacked and critically injured by a bull moose. He died on April 6 of that year from injuries in the attack.

A video produced by Parks and Wildlife about how people can be “safe and responsible around moose” can be viewed on YouTube.

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