Moment rescuers pull man to safety after he fell down waterfall ‘taking selfie’

Pictures show a man having to be pulled to safety by a team of rescuers after he fell down a waterfall in the Ajanta caves in the Chatrapati Sambhaji Nagar District of Maharashtra state in India. Gopal Pundlik, 30, had been visiting the caves with friends when he slipped and fell over the edge of the rocks.

Local sources said he fell while “attempting to click the perfect selfie with the serene beauty of the waterfall” on July 23. Fortunately, he was able to hold onto a rock and keep his head above the fast flowing water while his friends called for help.

Workers from the Archaeological Survey of India and the police worked to haul the man back up the side of the waterfall. Two groups of police and the ASI workers used a rope attached to Gopal’s body to pull him free of the water.

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Pictures show him being hauled up to the ledge, which took nearly an hour one source said.

They added: “The waterfall at Ajanta Caves is flowing heavily due to heavy rains in the past few days. The beauty is at its full charm during the rainy season.

“The tourists are thronging the cave area to enjoy the exotic beauty of nature. They often click selfies at the tip of the mountain from where the waterfall starts.”

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