Mischievous husky causes carnage while home alone before acting innocent

A dog owner was stunned when he returned home to find his home turned upside down and found out the reason why after re-watching his dog camera.

Douyin user @mixiuandaoge re-watched the footage last month after trying to get to the bottom of how his sofa had been destroyed.

Footage shows Oreo the husky dragging the huge two-seater sofa across the living room before starting to chew on it.

His golden retriever pal MiXiu is seen resting on the floor while watching the black and white pooch pulling the foam from inside the sofa.

Oreo makes a mess in the room and even jumps on the sofa to unleash a long howl.

The husky then goes over to the television stand and flips over a small rubbish bin.

At one point, he rips the cushion off the sofa and throws the filling on the floor.

As soon as they hear footsteps approaching the door, Oreo and Mixiu quickly run towards the door and pretend to be innocent.

Oreo even performs a zoomie and jumps onto the sofa.

The clip has been liked 1.8 million times and tens of thousands of comments flooded the dogs' social media page.

One viewer said: "I'm glad you have the evidence to at least prove that the golden retriever is innocent in this."

Another wrote: "What has the sofa done to the husky? He absolutely hates it!"

While some asked why the owner did not lock them in the cage, he replied: "I've tried but he completely destroyed the cage. It's all been chewed off."

Others said they will now avoid picking husky as their pets.

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