Mischievous cat caught playing knock-door-run with sleeping neighbour at 4am

A cheeky cat has been caught on camera after giving his exhausted neighbour 4am wake-up calls by rattling her letterbox.

Lizzy Cullen, from Glasgow, was getting woken up in the early hours of the morning by a strange banging on her door.

The 52-year-old decided to investigate the noise and set up a camera outside to catch the culprit in the act.

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But when she watched the footage back, she realised she had captured the moment her next-door neighbour's pet cat Gizmo was banging on her door.

In the clip, filmed on Craigmuir Road, the mischievous pet is seen banging the letterbox on her door at around 4am in the morning.

Gizmo, four, is also known to knock the door to his own home on the same street to let his owners know when he wants in – but she didn't realise he would do the same to her.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Lizzy said: "I first heard the noise a week ago and found Gizmo outside. I thought 'surely to god that could not have been the cat' and then I thought nothing more of it.

"Then a few mornings later we heard a knock at the door. My partner Scott checked the Ring doorbell but no one was there.

"I looked out the window and heard two more knocks at the door. Scott went down and opened the door and there was Gizmo sitting there again.

"I had a look at the footage and saw Gizmo chapping at the door. I couldn't believe it. He was using his paws to bang the letterbox.

"He is the funniest thing ever and he is such a character. He is an amazing and very clever cat. I posted the video on Facebook and we found his owners. They said he chaps their door but has never done it to anyone else's."

Lizzy said Gizmo has since appeared again, at the slightly later time of 6am.

Social media users were left in stitches when the footage was shared online, as one person said: "This is hilarious. What a bold kitty."

Another added: "This is brilliant, what a clever little cat."

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