Miracle 9/11 survivor was ‘burning alive’ and suffered 80% burns during escape

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A survivor of the 9/11 terror attacks described how she was "burning alive" after one of the plane's hit the World Trade Center's North Tower in New York.

It is almost 20 years since the most deadly terrorist attack in 20 years.

Almost 3,000 people were killed on September 11, 2001, but around 25,000 people were also injured in the coordinated al-Qaeda attacks.

Lauren Manning had just entered the building when the first hijacked plane crashed into it, sending a fireball hurtling down a shaft and into the lobby.

She was one of the most severely injured survivors, suffering a horrifying 80% burns to her body.

Lauren told Sky News: "By any medical standard, I should have died.

"There was this incredibly loud, piercing, whistling sound and an instant later I was engulfed in flames. The pain was incalculable, crushing, penetrating deeper and deeper.

"I was burning alive. There are no other words for it."

Lauren ran outside as she fought the flames and across a road before dropping and rolling on a grass embankment where passersby tried to help her.

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She watched in horror as another plane crashed into the South Tower minutes later.

The survivor said: "I didn't fall down and die in a heap of flames – I struggled against them. I was screaming to him (a bystander): 'Get me the hell out of here!'"

Lauren saw people fall from the towers knowing that her colleagues from financial firm Cantor Fitzgerald were trapped on the upper floors of the North Tower.

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All of the company's 658 employees who were actually in the office were killed on September 11.

Lauren somehow survived despite the atrocious burns to her body.

More than 80% of her body was burnt, most of it third degree but some of the burns were fourth or fifth degree, which forced her to have amputations on fingers on both her hands.

She was in a coma for over three months while her husband Greg would read Robert Burns poems and play music from their dating days.

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Lauren spent six months in hospital recovering and had several operations over the course of the next 10 years.

She said: "You get burned – which is probably the most sadistic form of human torture – and it takes years and years.

"The notion of the murders and the terror and the death are never far away."

Lauren also survived the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, which killed six and injured more than 1,000.

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