Mia Khalifa admits she’s learning how to become a witch as she ‘dabbles’ at home

OnlyFans star Mia Khalifa has convinced model Emily Ratajkowski that she is a witch in a spooky post-Halloween revelation.

The former adult actress has become the latest guest on 31-year-old EmRata's podcast, High and Low in which the new pals discuss Mia's rise from Pornhub to social media powerhouse.

During the chat released on Tuesday, Mia reveals she is quickly immersing herself in the world of spirituality and the paranormal with traditional witchcraft.

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Mia, who spoke about turning 30 in a matter of weeks, said: "I am a little witchy, I try. I am dabbling in it. I’m learning the crystals, I’m learning the incense, I’m learning the…"

EmRata who was clearly surprised by the revelation asked: "Oh so you mean like a traditional witch?"

"Yes," Mia replied.

As the episode continues, Mia shares more about her life from divorce to her strained relationship with OnlyFans in which she cautions herself not to "bite of the hand" that feeds her.

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The conversation eventually looped back to Mia being a trainee of all things hocus pocus when the topic of star signs cropped up.

Emily said: "I've just got into astrology"

"Me too," Mia responded, "At the same time as my witchiness, I've been reading so many books."

While there is no evidence of spell-casting over the 49 minute episode, Mia's self-confidence and career trajectory alone appears to have been enough for Emily host to be convinced of her powers.

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EmrRata added: "I do think you're a witch, I do think you're a very powerful witch, you're doing great, I mean that as a compliment."

At which point Mia admitted to having a shrine to Brazilian fashion model Giselle Bündchen in her house.

"And she is doing so well, like Queen Witch," EmRata commented.

Earlier in the chat, the two models agreed something is "lacking" in a man who enters a relationship with a woman significantly younger.

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Their comments have sparked controversy online from people accusing Mia and EmRata of being so harsh on men.

Reacting to the backlash, EmRata said: “I just posted this video not even an hour ago. “There’s already so many comments from dudes and women too being like ‘porn star wisdom’ or like, discrediting her because of her history with porn and it’s like ‘no, no, no, no, this is the exact reason why we should be listening to her.”


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