MI5 launches elite new unit to its ranks – a squad of dedicated litter pickers

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James Bond has been issued a licence to fill… bin bags.

Bosses at the MI5 spy agency have revealed a crack new unit among their ranks – a team of dedicated litter pickers.

The environmental committee, Team Green, is ready to clean up parks and beauty spots.

It’s all part of a drive to make the Security Service more “green”, but the move has caused mirth in some circles.

One senior source told us: “President Putin must be shaking in his boots.”

The litter-loving spies are all volunteers who have vowed to defend the UK “sustainably”.

Their existence was revealed on MI5’s Instagram page, which also shared news that its director general Ken McCallum has introduced “meat-free Mondays” in the canteen.

The move is “to encourage staff to consider the impact diet can have on the environment”.

Another social media post asked: “Did you know that one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute around the world?

“MI5 is committed to reducing its environmental impact, so every year to mark #PlasticFreeJuly we challenge our staff to reduce the amount of plastic they consume.”

Staff will be offered reusable coffee and tea cups. Spy masters have also introduced more efficient taps at MI5’s operation centres in London and elsewhere.

The organisation says the special taps have cut MI5’s annual water consumption by around 14%.

Spy chiefs have installed solar panels at all of MI5’s secret locations around the UK to save energy too.

But our senior source inside the organisation said: “Can you imagine the CIA telling its enemies it has introduced meat-free Mondays?

“I never thought I’d see the day when MI5 would make being woke one of its top priorities.”

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