Megxit could’ve been prevented with ‘pressure valve’ plan for Harry, says critic

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could still be happy members of the Royal Family if an alleged plan hatched by Buckingham Palace aides a few years ago had taken off, a royal watcher has claimed.

It was claimed in 2019 that aides had been drafting a plan that would involve Harry and Meghan assuming new roles – “probably in Africa”, reported The Times.

The roles would “combine some charity work, an element of promoting the Commonwealth and some work on behalf of the UK”.

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Now Daniela Elser, writing for, says that if the plan had come to fruition, Megxit might never have happened and there could have been a completely different path both for Harry and Meghan and for the wider Royal Family.

“Look, I know, Africa would not have been some miracle fix that marvellously sorted everything out, a panacea to end all panaceas, but I don’t think it’s going too far out on a limb to say it could well have prevented Megxit,” Daniela wrote.

“It could have been a pressure valve as temperatures climbed, as brothers fought, as sisters-in-law may or may not have made each other cry, and as the British press gathered steam pointing out things like the hypocrisy of Harry and Meghan’s private jet use.”

Daniela added that this “pretty radical idea” was being thought of as the Sussexes’ “Malta Moment”, which was a nod to the two years the Queen and Prince Philip spent in the Med during their early days together.

Daniela also quoted Valentine Low, the “well-sourced” royal correspondent at The Times, who recently told the Scandal Mongers podcast: “I always think that Harry would be much happier if, having left the military, he went off to work on a conservation project in Africa.

“I think that would have been absolutely the right thing for him to do but, you know, clearly not something that Meghan would buy into.”

Daniela believes that if the couple had gone down that path instead, it might have avoided the messy fallout that has marred the past few years after Harry and Meghan moved to the United States.

“In another universe, another timeline, another parallel dimension, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex is a happy man,” she wrote.

And the fact it didn’t happen was a massive fail on behalf of Buckingham Palace.

“In this regard, to me, the Firm failed and failed badly,” she said.

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