Meghan’s ‘life experience unlike Royals and was woke before she met Harry’

Meghan Markle’s life experience is "different" to that of the Royal Family and her "empathy" is now missing from The Firm, a Royal author has told Daily Star.

Suits star Meghan grew up in California alongside her separated mother and father Doria Ragland and Hollywood-working Thomas Markle.

As she transitioned from a girl into a woman, Meghan went on to advocate for the "things that mattered to her," Royal author Sean Smith notes, a trait she still carries with her now.

Mr Smith, who penned Meghan Misunderstood, a book that aims to "set the record straight" about the "world’s most unfairly vilified" woman in the world, claims this upbringing enabled her to bring a "different life experience" to the Royal Family that is now missing.

He told Daily Star: "I don't want to knock members of the Royal Family, Prince William, Kate, and other members too, but Meghan has a different life experience than them.

"Meghan brought something that I think, is now missing."

Drawing on Meghan’s philanthropic efforts, Mr Smith said the Duchess is the same person who got Proctor and Gamble to change an advertisement from "women in the kitchen to people in the kitchen" as she is now.

The author said: "Growing up, she was very much trying to find her own identity as a bi-racial woman in the United States. And also, very important to her growing up were the role of women in society.

"There’s the well known story of her getting Proctor and Gamble to change women in the kitchen to people in the kitchen. If you watch the 12-year-old girl on TV talking articulately about things that matter to her, she was the same then and she is the same now.

"She is not somebody who sways with the wind, she isn’t like that."

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He also claimed that Meghan was "this woman" before she met Prince Harry, before there was paparazzi and the attention.

Mr Smith said: "The things she has believed in and advocated for have remained before, the role of education for women in poorer areas.

"You know, she went to the slums of Mumbai to support women working for a foundation there so that girls wouldn’t have to miss school when they had their periods.

"She was this woman before she met Prince Harry, there were no paparazzi with her in the past and I think it’s worth remembering that she was this woman before she met Harry."

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Mr Smith added that Meghan's caring demeanour and ability to bring "empathy" to certain situations is now missing from the Firm.

He said: "For example, the Meghan hug was fantastic, of course you couldn't have that now because of Covid, but the empathy she brought to certain situations, for example the school in Dagenham, is just great.

"Sadly, I think that is now missing."

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