Meghan ‘putting royal neutrality at risk’ with political letters, warns expert

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Meghan Markle is putting the neutrality of the Royal Family at risk by getting involved in politics, an expert has warned.

The Duchess of Sussex sent a letter on Wednesday to politicians Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, and Charles Schumer, the Majority Leader of the US Senate, campaigning for paid parental leave.

Meghan’s letter, which is in partnership with Paid Leave For All, is the latest cause she and Prince Harry have pushed.

Gertrude Daly, who runs the Gert's Royal podcast, says that while it is not strictly forbidden for royals to get involved in politics, it "does put the neutrality of the monarchy at risk".

Daly told the Daily Star: "Certainly it is more complicated when a member of the British Royal Family is commenting on things related to a foreign government, even if she happens to be a citizen of that country."

She noted that Meghan isn't the first royal to "step over the line" of politics.

"The Royals aren’t supposed to get involved with politics. But they do, and Duchess Meghan is not the first royal to step over that line," she said.

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"Plenty of other royals have waded into politics over the years.

"One of the more famous cases being Prince Charles’s Black Spider memos which caused a scandal in 2015."

Gertrude Daly believes one of the reasons the Sussexes left the royal family was so they could have the freedom to write letters like this and speak on anything they want to.

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"They wanted the freedom to speak out on issues that they couldn't when they were working royals and essentially employees of the UK government," she said.

"Part of the Sussexes departure agreement would have been that they are allowed to do and say what they want, but in return, the palace wanted to make it clear to the public that the Sussexes are no longer working royals or represent the monarchy in an official capacity.

"The Sussexes lost the use of their HRH, and some patronages with a strong connection to the monarchy, but in return, they gained the freedom to do and say what that they want without a lot of restrictions or running it past the Palace or UK Government."

Royal fans have fumed on social media claiming it was inappropriate of Meghan to use her title following the Sussexes' exit from the Royal Family last year.

One Twitter user asked: "Why is she using her title in America to make a political point?

"'The Duchess of Sussex' campaigning politically – both sounds ridiculous in America 2021 and highly inappropriate for a British royal."

They added: "(I'd have no problem with her letter if she wasn't trading on that title!)"

Representatives of the Duchess of Sussex have been approached for comment.

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