Meghan pied Prince Harry kiss ‘like he was a child’, says body language expert

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  • Meghan Markle treated Prince Harry "as you would a child" as she blocked his attempt to snog her when they appeared on a Kiss Cam last night (Monday, April 24), according to a body language expert.

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were watching the basketball in Los Angeles as the LA Lakers played the Memphis Grizzlies, among a star-studded crowd that included the likes of Kim Kardashian and Adam Sandler.

    At one point during the game Harry and Meghan appeared on the Arena's jumbotron.

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    A big cheer went up from the crowd when they were spotted and the pair laughed it off. Harry then leaned in for a kiss, as is customary on the big screen at US sports events, but got pied by a giggling Meghan.

    Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, body language expert Adrianne Carter – known as The Face Whisperer – said Meghan handled her husband as if he were Prince Archie or Princess Lilibet.

    She added that it seemed Harry was more comfortable to play up for the crowd and camera, whereas Meghan was more "shy".

    Adrianne told us: "Meghan is aware of them being on the screen before Harry becomes aware. We see her give a little almost shy wave.

    "Harry leans in for a kiss, but she blocks him from doing that by holding his arm as you would a child to stop them from doing something you don't want them to do.

    "It's almost as if she's determined to not play for the cameras. Harry is happy to play along with the cameras and would have kissed her if he'd been allowed."

    Despite the snub, Harry and Meghan did enjoy a snuggle in front of the crowd.

    The footage was shared to the NBA's official Twitter feed as they watched the Lakers win 117-111.

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