Meghan Markle’s unusual birthday gift request that she said ‘never felt so good’

An unusual birthday gift for Meghan Markle was created after the Duchess believed she had "never felt so good", prompted her to make a very specific request to fans.

The Duchess of Sussex is set to celebrate her 41st birthday today (August 4), but an odd gift from a previous birthday saw fans of the royal challenged with a very odd request.

A post to her former lifestyle blog, The Tig, asked readers to prepare themselves for new experiences in life and to "stop gossiping".

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Her list of requests to mark her 33rd birthday came as a light challenge to her readers, with Meghan wanting to celebrate the event on the now-closed blog, which shut down when she and Prince Harry began dating.

In her blog post, she wrote: "I am 33 years old today. And I am happy. And I say that so plainly because, well…it takes time.

"So for my birthday, here’s what I would like as a gift: I want you to be kind to yourself. I want you to challenge yourself.

"I want you to stop gossiping, to try a food that scares you, to buy a coffee for someone just because, to tell someone you love them…and then to tell yourself right back. I want you to find your happiness.

"I did. And it’s never felt so good."

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Meghan feeling so good prompted her to share the experience with readers of The Tig at the time, with her posts often focusing in on the health and wellbeing side of life.

The Duchess of Sussex ran The Tig for three years during the days when she starred on Suits as attorney Rachel Zane, The Mirror reported.

The website closed in April 2017 after it was revealed she was dating Prince Harry.

Her website now displays a note of thanks, with the page now reading: "The Tig. What began as a passion project (my little engine that could) evolved into an amazing community of inspiration, support, fun and frivolity.

"Thank you for everything."

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