Meghan Markle’s claim about Buckingham Palace briefings disputed by royal expert

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's claim in Buckingham Palace's growing row over the couple's decision to leave the royal family has been disputed by a royal editor.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently revealed to US TV talk host Gayle King that they had initiated private talks with brother Prince William and father Prince Charles.

Gayle was told that Meghan is still "upset" that the Palace continues to brief publications against her following the Oprah Winfrey interview.

In the remarks Gayle said on CBS This Morning: "And I think what is still upsetting to them is that the palace keeps saying they want to work it out privately.

"Yet they believe these false stories are coming out that are very disparaging against Meghan still – no one in the royal family has talked to Meghan yet."

But ITV's royal editor Chris Ship said it is, however, not true.

Speaking on Royal Rota podcast, co-host Lizzie Robinson said: "I thought it was interesting that what Gayle King said was upsetting them, another update on what they are still not happy about, is that the Palace keeps saying they want to work it out privately but Harry and Meghan believe these false stories are coming out from the Palace that are very disparaging against Meghan."

Mr Ship responded: "What are those? I haven't much briefing. Well, I haven't heard any briefing or even read any briefing against Meghan from the Palace.

"They have kind of shut down since the Oprah interview, except the very brief four sentences from the Queen."

Lizzie added: "Gayle also said no-one has spoken to Meghan at this particular time – so it seems they are unhappy about that too."

But Chris defended, explaining: "You would think that the first point of contact would be speaking with the son, before they speak to the daughter-in-law.

"None of this came out of Gayle King's mouth without approval from Harry and Meghan."

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The royal expert also mentioned that Meghan was now doing what she had asked her father Thomas Markle not to do.

Lizzie said the situation has turned into an ironic scenario that Meghan kept wanting to deal with thing privately with her father and he kept talking to the media.

"It does seem that these things are better dealt with privately behind the scenes," she noted.

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