Massive sinkhole destroys homes and car as people on street evacuated

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A huge sinkhole has opened up in Manchester and wreaked havoc on several houses, with residents evacuated.

Four properties were affected on Walmer Street after a sewer collapsed on Wednesday, January 20.

Shocking photos show the front of the houses reduced to rubble, but there are not thought to be any injuries.

A car fell into the hole earlier in the evening, the Manchester Evening News reported.

A United Utilities spokesperson said: "United Utilities are dealing with a collapsed sewer on Walmer Street in Abbey Hey.

"This has caused the road to partially collapse causing significant damage to some homes in close proximity.

"Thankfully everyone is safe and nobody has been injured.

"A decision was made to relocate residents of four properties and they have been found alternative accommodation.”

Locals have been pictured stood outside with their belongings in suitcases.

Resident Barry Lock said: “I’m just praying I’ve still got a house in a few days!”

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Thousands of properties in Manchester were evacuated overnight as Storm Christoph caused rising river levels.

Last October, a woman was forced to evacuate her home after a passerby spotted a massive sinkhole nearby.

It opened up beneath Frog Orange Party in Oxford.

Melissa Aiden, 52, was woken up by a police officer banging on her door telling her to evacuate immediately on October 4.

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She has since been allowed to return but is now afraid that the shop might come down – pulling her house with it.

Melissa said at the time: “They think it's going to come down.

"[The police] said, 'we think it may fall down – there is a possibility', then [they] said, 'I don't think it will take any of yours down, I think it will take the frontage down first'.

"It's a nightmare. I am scared to go to bed because we are attached."

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