Man’s cheeky response after ‘ruining’ brother’s wedding by bringing guest

A man has taken to social media after he “ruined” his brother’s third wedding for what the bride and groom called “being super inconsiderate”.

The man said that his brother, who turned 30 last August, and his new wife berated him for bringing a “stranger” to the wedding, despite his plus one being his roommate and the pair being friends since before his brother’s first wedding, the man explained on Reddit.

He went on to reveal that the two brothers do not share a close relationship, with him going as far as calling the groom a “spoiled, entitled man-child”, before adding: “My life is better the further away we are from each other.”

Speaking on the popular social media forum Am I The A*****e, the man said he was told that if he didn’t have a long term partner then he shouldn’t have brought anyone.

He wrote: “They didn’t say anything back then because they didn’t want to make a fuss at their own wedding, but they think it’s super inconsiderate of me to bring ‘a stranger’ (I’ve known my roommate since before my brother’s first marriage) to their wedding, and if I don’t have a long-term partner, I shouldn’t have brought a plus one at all.

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“I don’t like my brother all that much to begin with, so I didn’t bother arguing with him, as hearing him speak already gave me a migraine.”

However, despite the fuming bride and groom, the brother found a way to make light of the situation.

He told his brother: “You’re right, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’ll keep that in mind and do better on your next wedding.”

Following the rather cheeky joke, the man hung up and has been ignoring his brother’s calls and texts ever since, he said.

He added: “My roommate thinks it’s absolutely hilarious, and so do our friends. 

“However, most of my family has been spam calling me as well (I don’t pick up either) so my guess is they don’t find my response as funny.”

Social media users flocked to the comment section to deliver a verdict on the brothers actions, with many deciding he was not in the wrong, but will likely not “receive an invite to the next wedding”.

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One Reddit user commented: “After three marriages at this point he should be lucky If [original poster] remember the new wives name.”

Another added: “I think it’s funny, too. [Not The A*****e]. It wouldn’t sting so much if it wasn’t true.”

A third joked: “Three marriages by 30? You should get some kind of loyalty or frequent flyer card for his weddings.”

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