Man who believes Tom Hanks is time traveller wrote to him – and he ‘replied’

The bloke who believes that Tom Hanks is a time traveller wrote to the megastar actor about it . . . and the actor responded back.

Yesterday (August 6), the Daily Star exclusively revealed that American Chris Lopez claimed the actor was a time traveller and met his grandfather in World War Two with photographic evidence to back it up.

Lopez found a photo of someone appearing to be the spitting image of the 67-year-old actor and director in his grandfather's war memorabilia.

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The Retired Corpsman for the United States Navy took to Facebook to post the picture in a popular time travel Facebook group in 2020, but the images have now resurfaced.

He claimed the images were taken in around 1944-45 while they were stationed on the island of Tinian in the South Pacific – part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

And speaking to the Daily Star about his grandfather Mitchell Markow, who was a Pharmacist Mate Second Class (Corpsman), he said: “I asked him about the guy in the photo before he passed away. “He couldn't remember the guys name.”

However, in a mad twist to the saga, Chris actually wrote to Tom Hanks about it – and got a reply.

The letter, which the Daily Star has seen, appears to have Tom's actual signature on it, but we've reached out to his team for verification.

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Chris said: “I actually sent a copy of the pic to Tom Hanks to ask if his dad or uncles were in the war.

“He wrote me back and said his uncle was a sailor during WW2 but was nowhere near the South Pacific – he thanked me for the photo.

“He typed it on a weird card, and it had several typos.

“Later I found out Tom collects old fashioned typewriters, so that made sense.”

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The letter from Tom was written on January 15, 2014, and in it he claims that the photo is “un-canny”.

He goes on to explain how his dad and uncle did fight in the war as part of the US Navy, but were never in Tinian.

He added: “My dad was a Mach8inst First Mate and hated every moment he was in the service (sic).”

Despite the initial excitement over the photo, Chris does acknowledge that Tom is probably not a time traveller.

The Daily Star has contacted representatives of Tom Hanks.

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