Man visits Disneyland every day for almost 3,000 days and secures world record

A Disneyland-mad bloke officially holds the world record for the most consecutive visits to Disney Land.

Jeff Reitz of California, USA, started visiting the Anaheim park in 2012 during a patch of unemployment to get a spot of exercise and adventure, a habit he kept up for 2,995 days.

Eight years, three months and thirteen days later he would still be going back having not had a break in between.

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From Huntingdon Beach, the 50-year-old is now an official entry in the lauded Guinness World Records archive – a phone call that he says left him “shocked.”

He told the LA Times: “I was actually shocked I wasn’t actively going for a Guinness World Record all eight years. It was just something I was keeping track of.”

He knew he had set a record and had been keeping track of each visit he made – he says he was also aware that a record hadn’t been set for visits to the South California theme park.

Guinness World Records then reached out to him and said it was interested in doing a story about his exploits.

It was at this moment that he discovered he was officially the record holder.

“It was just wild how all this happened,” he told the LA Times.

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He needed time and money to accomplish the remarkable feat, with big entry fees and massive time commitments needed to accomplish the record.

At times he needed to take time off work to keep the chain running, while on other days would have to go late at night or early in the morning.

He also had to make plans each day about how to get food – would it be sandwiches or dinner from the park? – either way it’s expensive.

In a blog post, he shared how he’s kept hold of every parking ticket from his visit posting the update on Facebook and Twitter.

But when covid rolled around maintaining the streak became impossible, and he was faced with life after trying to keep the streak going – just five days short of his initial aim of 3,000 visits.

Afterwards, he said he wasn’t sure whether to keep going to the park – he had made friends with so many of the regulars and it had become a key part of his life.

“If I’d seen buddies posting pictures at the park, I would have been bummed out.

“I’m not sure I wanted to stop.”

These days, he doesn't have a season pass anymore but does head down to the park regularly.

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