Lottery winner poisoned to death by husband who claimed she ‘squandered’ jackpot

A lottery winner was killed by a cocktail of drugs injected by her husband who grew furious with her spending.

Ibi Roncaioli was tragically found dead in 2003 after splitting a $10million (£6million) fortune with a friend and handing cash out to her sons.

In 2008 her gynaecologist husband Joseph, 72, was found guilty of manslaughter as the court heard he accused her of squandering their retirement money.

Less than a decade earlier, Hungarian-born Ibi, won the Canadian lottery with a friend in 1999 scooping a $10million jackpot – which they shared 50/50.

It was revealed at Joseph's trial that of her remaining $5million, Ibi handed $2million to a secret son of hers.

A massive $800,000 went to a different son – fathered by Joseph – and around the same to another son with a different dad, the Mirror reports.

The couple were said to lead completely separate lives, with the court hearing how Ibi spent more time on the slot machines than with her partner.

Ibi also lead a secret life of alcohol and drug abuse at their flashy mansion – which was kitted out with an indoor swimming pool and sauna.

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In July 2003, Ibi was found dead with mysterious injection marks on her legs and feet.

Her autopsy revealed she died from a cocktail of painkillers and alcohol.

"Dr (Joseph) Roncaioli recklessly or deliberately injected (his wife) with a cocktail of drugs that caused her death," prosecutor Martin Dionne said inside a Newmarket courtroom.

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"In her hour of need, he failed to help her in any way. That, ladies and gentlemen, is manslaughter."

No effort was made to contact emergency services or to revive his wife as she lay dying, the prosecutor said.

Joseph kept the fact that he injected his wife a secret for another six months.

His defence often told the court how Ibi pushed the couple to the brink of ruin and bankruptcy despite their high combined wealth.

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