London weather: Heavy risk of thunder and showers to hit capital – Met Office forecast

London saw warm weather return this weekend after a couple of weeks of cloudy and wet weather in June. But sadly for many, there is a high risk of heavy thunder and torrential downpours likely to hit the capital in the coming week. But what does the latest Met Office forecast suggest?

From Sunday, June 14, to Thursday, June 18, the Met Office has said there is a high chance of sunshine and showers.

On Sunday, the day began with sunny spells, with clouds hitting parts of the south.

The warm sunny spells should develop widely, perhaps eventually setting off a few heavy showers and perhaps thunder, these most likely in the west later.

The maximum temperature will likely hit 24C before dropping to a minimum temperature of 7C overnight.

On Sunday night, the showers will mostly die out to leave a mainly dry night with some clear spells.

There will be a few mist and fog patches which may develop later in the night.


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On Monday, the weather forecast predicts a mix of sunny spells and scattered showers.

These showers are likely to hit in abundance and be more widespread than on Sunday.

There is a local risk of thunderstorms in addition to heavy rainfall.

The temperature is forecast to reach a maximum of 24C.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the weather will remain changeable but will feel warm.

There will be sunny spells and scattered showers throughout this period.

These showers are due to be heavy locally each day with a high chance of thunder.

The weather will remain rather warm and muggy with sharp showers interrupting these spells.

Tuesday will see sunny spells, but slow-moving heavy downpours are likely to break out during the day, which could turn thundery.

This unsettled weather is expected to continue on Wednesday and Thursday with a mixture of sunny intervals and scattered heavy showers, which could be thundery at times.

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From Friday, June 19, to Sunday, June 28, the weather is likely to continue a similar pattern on changeable weather.

The Met Office weather forecast for this period reads: “The beginning of this period looks to remain rather changeable as the showery setup continues across much of the UK.

“Many areas are likely to see a mixture of bright or sunny spells and showers, some of which may turn heavy in places.

“Parts of the west and northwest may see cloudier and breezier conditions at times along with some outbreaks of rain.

“Across the south in particular, there is the risk of some spells of rain becoming heavy and possibly thundery.

“Throughout this period, most places will see temperatures near or a little above average. Coastal areas in the east may be the main exception with spells of persistent cloud potentially bringing cooler conditions at first.”

From the end of June until mid-July the weather forecast predicts more mixed weather with showers, thunder and sunshine.

Towards the end of June, the weather will be fairly unsettled with showers or longer spells of rain that will turn heavy and possibly thundery across the south.

But despite the mixed conditions, parts of London will be drier and brighter.

Temperatures will generally be above average with it likely to turn very warm in some places.

Around the turn of the month and into early July, a transition to more settled conditions is indicated with many seeing more prolonged drier and sunnier spells.

However, there is still the chance of showers for most at times with temperatures likely to return back to around average.

Elsewhere across the UK thunder is also expected with the Met Office issuing a weather warning for thunderstorms over Northern Ireland from 1pm to 9pm on Sunday.

In some areas, the weather will remain dry, but in others, thunderstorms are expected to form parts of western and southern Northern Ireland.

Where thunderstorms occur, torrential downpours are possible with the potential for 20mm to 30mm of rain in an hour or two.

Frequent lightning, hail and gusty winds are also possible.

Thunderstorms will then gradually die out this evening, perhaps most slowly in the south.

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