Legendary ‘Beast of Bont’ monster is ‘still butchering sheep’ insist locals

A mythical big cat known as 'The Beast of Bont' is alive and well in the British hills, locals claim.

Farmers say numerous flocks of sheep are being being butchered in the dead of night by a "bloody big" feline, leading them call police to help end the bloodshed.

Rumours of a large cat lurking in the Ceredigion area of Wales have persisted since the 1970s when a herd of sheep were slain by an unidentified beast.

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Since then, there have been numerous cases of other sheep massacres, including the killing of 12 sheep in 1981 in the village of Bont – giving the beast its name – and the slaughter of 20 in 2012.

Local farmer Suzanne Kay says she spotted a mystery beast near her home in Penuwch last weekend, which she believes was some kind of puma or other big cat.

Suzanne said: “I was washing up and looking out of my kitchen window, and I thought to myself, ‘that’s a bloody big cat’.

“It played on my mind, and I thought about it and looked at the perspective, and I realised I shouldn’t have been able to see a cat all that distance away with such clarity.

“It was unmistakably feline, jet black and it had a long black tail carried out the back. It was about the height of a Labrador – but much longer.

“We could be talking about a new indigenous species. The wild cats of Wales.”

Suzanne spoke about her mysterious sighting on Facebook and was overwhelmed by the response, with many concurring she had spotted a novel, even mythical, predator.

Ceredigion farmer Jonathan Davies also recently discovered several of his sheep had been "skinned" by an unknown animal.

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He claims a police officer told him that it was probably a 'big cat' that winters in Carmarthenshire's Brechfa Forest, before migrating to Myherin Forest in the mountains for the summer.

The UK Ministry of Agriculture in the 1980s concluded whatever was behind the spate of sheep killings back then "must have been a great deal more powerful than a fox or a dog".

Despite the claims, Dyfed-Powys Police deny the existence of any 'big cat sighting' log – though have previously issued some guidance and are appealing for the public to photograph it and report sightings.

A spokesperson for the force said: “We wouldn’t be able to confirm any suspected big cat sightings at this time.

“We don’t have anyone specifically trained in shooting big cats, however, our firearms officers are trained in animal destruction for animals that are suffering or dangerously out of control.

“Where sightings of suspected big cats are received these are then reported by the police to the Welsh Government.”

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: "Most attacks on livestock are carried out by native predators such as foxes, or by dogs.”

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