Late-night sighting of 6ft ‘man goat with powerful hips’ spooks villagers

A late-night sighting of an alleged "six-foot man-goat" has spooked residents of a Northamptonshire village.

The incident and alleged sighting happened on the A425 near the village of Staverton at roughly 2am in the early hours of last Sunday morning.

Online forum mumsnet were keen to discuss the sighting, with user GallopingHighRoad posting the initial incident, prompting some discussion.

The initial message read: "We had been away for a few nights and travelled back quite late.

"Towards the end of the journey, this was about 2am, we were driving along an A Road in a rural area when something crossed the road in front of us in full headlights for about three seconds."

They continued: "It was about the height of a person, maybe 6ft or over, but had short powerful legs and hips which seemed to move in a circular fluid fashion.

"It was not a deer because it stood on two legs. This was in the midlands and the area is traditional rolling fields and woodland.

"In this particular spot there are no houses or buildings, nearest is over a mile away.

"We drove back today as its only seven miles from home to look at the road layout and whatever it was moved into a wide bowl-shaped field dropping down to a stream."

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GallopingHighRoad then asked if users had "any ideas" as to what the disturbance could have been.

The location was confirmed on Google Earth as a lay-by near some fields on the A425, with many theories as to what the mysterious figure could have been.

Suggestions included a wild wallaby or a roaming bear, with a deer ruled out entirely by the original poster, Northants Live reported.

More fantasy-based ideas including mythical creatures like Slenderman or a Sasquatch were thrown into the mix, but GallopingHighRoad said the figure was not "a goatman, slenderman, sasquatch," adding: "These things don't exist."

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