Lag said he’d bite inmate’s fingers off and warned he’d throw urine at officers

A prisoner who threw boiling water at his cell mate in a 'karma' attack because the other lag 'said he robbed an old lady' threatened to then bite his fingers off and throw urine at officers.

Alan Lawrence, in jail for a a 63-month stretch for robbery and weapons offences, threw boiling water all over David Parkin at HMP Northumberland at the end of April last year, Chronicle Live reported.

He told a court he did it because Parkin had attacked an elderly lady who fostered him 15 years earlier. He said he felt no remorse for the attack and even penned poems about what he'd done.

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He later told officers he would bite his fingers off and "pummel him". The 33-year-old, representing himself, told a judge it was "karma".

Cainan Lonsdale, prosecuting, told the court: "When Mr Parkin walked past the door of the defendant's cell, he greeted him and he described him standing there with a kettle in his hand.

"He threw it in his direction. He said he knew what was coming because he had seen it happen to other prisoners.

"He was hit in the face with boiling water from the kettle and it also hit his chest. The pain was immediate and he could feel his skin burning.

"He ran towards the stairs and took off his T-shirt and could feel his skin pull away from him and said it was agonising. He was treated in his cell and while receiving treatment he heard the defendant say 'take it like a man you divvy'."

The victim was taken to hospital and treated in the burns unit. He had burns to 7% of his body.

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Parkin said he doesn't know why he was attacked, but Lawrence, representing himself in court, said: "Fifteen years ago David Parkin beat up an old woman round my area.

"He robbed her and stamped all over her to steal an engagement ring off her. She used to foster me when I was a child."

On May 9, while still in the segregation unit as a result of the attack, three officers attended his cell door and Lawrence said the next person to open the door would get "swilled", which they took to mean with urine.

As they walked away, he made a racist remark to one of the prison officers, for which he later apologised.

Judge Stephen Earl sentenced him to two years, to be served consecutively to the 63 months he was already serving.

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