Lad finds ‘legend’ hotel cleaner who took guest’s drugs and got in a ‘k-hole’

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    A lad has managed to track down the viral "legend" hotel room cleaner who spread across the internet after allegedly helping himself to a guest's ketamine stash.

    Photos of the cleaner from Tulum, Mexico, seemingly in a k-hole did the rounds on social media earlier this year.

    They were posted to Twitter by a friend of the hotel guest, who claimed: "Nah one of my pals come back to this in his hotel room."

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    One image showed the cleaner, dressed in uniform from the four-star Akkuun hotel, spread out on a bed and staring at the ceiling.

    A caption on that image read: “Only come back from breakfast to find the cleaner had found my bag of Special K [ketamine].

    “Silly c*** must have thought it was cowie [cocaine]. Found him in a Ket hole in the room.”

    Other images showed the cleaner red-eyed and mid-sniff, as if clearing his nose, while another showed a second member of hotel staff holding him upright as he struggled to maintain his balance.

    On Saturday (December 3) another Twitter user shared the images and wrote: "Booked a trip to Tulum in January just so I can try to find this legend.

    However, it would appear that someone else beat him to it as a second lad replied "I made it", attaching an image of himself posing with the cleaner.

    This time the man wasn't dressed in hotel uniform and could stand on his own two feet without assistance.

    Much to the dismay of several people online who found his alleged actions funny, the cleaner was let go from the Akkuun hotel after the images went viral.

    In a statement the hotel said he "no longer belongs to the team because his conduct violated the company’s policies and values in their entirety".

    Ketamine is a dissociative anaesthetic used legally by medical practitioners and veterinarians. It is also used illegally in white powder form, giving users a "detached, happy and chilled" high, according to TalkToFrank.

    The risks include an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, confusion and short term memory loss. Ketamine can be fatal if mixed with other drugs including alcohol and opiates.

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