Lad begs for his life after TikTok insulting Mexico’s ‘most deadly cartel boss’

A young lad who insulted Mexico's most deadly drug cartel boss in a TikTok video was been forced to issue an apology.

The account that made the offensive post towards 'El Mencho', currently the most wanted man in Mexico, has since been made private.

The lad – who appears to be in his teens – levelled several insults against Nemesio 'El Mencho' Cervantes, leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

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Although they are considered by most to be the second most powerful cartel in Mexico (outgunned by the Sinaloa Cartel) the CJNG is considered the most dangerous.

Their propensity towards extreme violence means that El Mencho is wanted by the authorities. He also may have form in coming after teens who insult him online.

In the first TikTik clip the lad appears resting on a lamp post as he addresses the drug kingpin, speaking in Spanish.

According to a translation posted on Reddit page r/NarcoFootage he says: "Listen well you son of a b*tch. El Mencho can suck my d***."

He then says, "I don't sleep like 'El Pirata' or 'El Chanito de Culiacan'", referencing the online personas of Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales, a 17-year-old Mexican YouTuber who was shot dead in 2017 after insulting El Mencho in a similar clip.

He continues: "I'm immortal, untouchable, I made a pact with the devil. I came to give you fire, Mencho. I'm not scared to say this, I'll say this without the camera right here, Mencho can suck my d***."

In the second clip he says: "I'm sorry for what I said, I was not well, I was not conscious of what I was saying.

"It was wrong, that day I woke up stupid. I didn't look at the consequences, I did that for followers, I ask for forgiveness.

"You and your family are well liked. Mencho don't kill me, I have a family just like you. I apologise, we all make mistakes.

"I have psychological problems sir, just remember we like you."

He also used the term "cabron", which means "dumbass" in Spanish, in the second clip in reference to El Mencho, suggesting he might not have learned his lesson.

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Although the account these videos were uploaded to is now private, there is a clip of him in an unrelated video on another account. It isn't clear if that was uploaded before or after these videos.

Lagunas had some 300,000 Instagram followers when he made his video insulting El Mencho in 2017.

He was shot 15 to 18 times shortly after it was posted when out partying with some friends in Jalisco.


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