King’s Coronation guest ‘in disguise and 100% there to steal Crown Jewels’

A mystery guest at the King’s Coronation sparked wild speculation among British social media users.

Some thought the unfamiliar face – with their mop of grey hair, mutton-chop sides and tinted glasses – could be a better-known personality in disguise.

A few thought it might be a thief who was targeting the Crown Jewels, and wearing an elaborate costume to fool the police’s facial recognition software.

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One Twitter user, Edward DeRuiter, excitedly said: "I don't know much about the Coronation but I do know this is obviously a disguise and 100% they're going to try and steal the crown jewels."

Another, noting that Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson had been left off the guest list, speculated: ”It's Fergie”.

Other possible identities suggested for the mystery guest included a heavily-disguised Donald Trump or a less-disguised, but also far less likely Dutch sports journalist and former football player Johan Derksen.

The true identity of the gentleman in question is Sir Karl Jenkins, a distinguished composer and former member of progressive rock band Soft Machine.

Sir Karl’s arrangement of the Welsh folk song Tros y Garreg ('Crossing the Stone'), was performed at the Coronation by royal harpist Alis Huws.

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The "disguised" guest wasn't the only talking point on social media as the ceremony unfolded.

Royal fans claimed they had heard the King's Coronation choir singing "vagina" during a song inside Westminster Abbey.

The hilarious mondegreen was heard as the choir started belting out songs while King Charles III was entering the Abbey with his wife Queen Camilla.

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One social media user believed they had said: "I had vagina for dinner."

Another suggested the lyrics could be "Buy that vagina, Camilla" as a second user tweeted: "Why are they singing buy that vagina Camilla at the Coronation?"

A third added: "Was it just me or does this song sound like it’s saying 'I have a vagina Camilla'."

Once the idea's in your head, it is hard to hear anything else when listening to the clip – despite the fact that the choir were highly unlikely to be singing "vagina" on such a momentous occasion.

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