Kim Jong-un executes officer for criticising ‘unrealistic’ order amid new ‘bloodbath’ fear

North Korea: Malnourishment crisis increases for population

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A North Korean major general was court-martialed and shot dead on July 18, according to a report in Daily NK. Daily NK, a South Korean publication covering events on the northern side of the Military Demarcation Line, said they had been informed by a source about the execution.

The unnamed major general, who was previously in charge of the logistics headquarters at Training Camp 815, had said plans to open military stores of rice for public consumption were “unrealistic” and “an order ignorant of reality”.

According to Daily NK’s source, people became aware of the execution after authorities sent out a “notification” to military officers on July 22 that detailed examples of “stern judgements”.

The authorities’ statement also claimed that after being informed of the special order, the unnamed commander “indiscreetly” complained about it.

The major general said: “Military granaries are facing more serious problems than the food [shortage] issue facing the people.

“If they’re going to squeeze us while remaining ignorant of the situation in lower-level rear areas, from where on earth are we going to produce all that rice, not sand from the river bed.”

The commander’s criticism of the special order issued by the Supreme Leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea effectively ensured he became a “sectarian” in the eyes of the authorities.

The Daily NK also said the source claimed Pyongyang hoped to emphasise that “those who outright challenge party policy will receive no forgiveness, regardless of who they are.”

Some suggest a “bloodbath” of purges and sackings within the military ranks could follow.

The North Korean leader removed dozens of military personnel earlier this summer for the “disastrous failings” in dealing with the nation’s famine.

The Supreme Leader had only been informed of the rice shortages after a politburo meeting on June 29.

After this, Kim Jong-un ordered high-ranking cadres to be punished and instructed the military’s Political Guidance Department and Military Security Command to investigate the conditions of low-level logistics units.

But the source also told the Daily NK that military supplies “have been empty since the time of Kim Jong-Il”.

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“It’s a bigger problem that the government is starting to get a grip on conditions on the ground only now, 10 years after Kim Jong-un took power,” they added.

Soldiers have asked how “shooting logistics commanders and sending officers to political prison camps” can resolve food shortages.

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